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SCS4wd Service CentreOperated by highly trained technicians / engineers our fully equipped modern workshop can handle all of your 4WD needs. From standard services to major overhauls we strive to give you the highest quality workmanship.
Our staff have been trained only on 4WD vehicles, not just one brand but all makes and models. Whether it takes petrol, carby-EFI or LGP, Diesel, naturally aspirated or turbo charged, we have the answers.

Our daily tasks can include jobs from a standard service to fitting a diff locker, overhauling a transmission or cutting into the guard for a snorkel fitment.
We don't just do the work - we are passionate about it.


Joe working on vehicleWe treat your vehicle as our own and return it to you - with pride of our commitment - to your satisfaction. That's our guarantee.

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We are well known and respected in the 4WD sector and are a market leader in our field


Diesel engine service

Inside a diesel engine

Is your diesel engine..fuel hungry, lacking power, blowing black smoke?

Then you need a SCS 4WD Centre "Diesel engine tune up"

What we do

If you have between 80/120,000klm or more on the Speedo.... It's time you called to book your vehicle in.

As prices vary from vehicle to vehicle, email us your details and we will call you back with a price that suits


  • Diagnostic graphFull computerised diagnostic analysis
  • Written report on engine systems
  • Electrical systems fully tested
  • Test battery and alternator charge rate
  • Spark plugs replaced
  • Service the air filter
  • Check fuel lines and filter
  • Check operation of injectors
  • Cylinder compressions
  • Engine analysis
  • Check air intake system
  • Check drive belts for service
  • Fully tune engine to specifications

Dont leave it until it strands you with the inconvenience of a "breakdown"