Engine - ECU

DPChipLooking for more go. We have upgraded 100's of vehicles by using the latest technology available from DPChip.

We have found power and torque improvements from 20% - 35% (depending on models) whilst also improving fuel economy.

For example
Our Toyota 76 series V8 4.5Litre single turbo diesel increased 30% in torque and it now feels like driving a V8 racecar when you plant your foot.

No need to be in higher gears and keep the revs up when climing hills, just stay in 3rd instead of 2nd and power up. The lower end rev range is vastly improved.

When we take a trip to the outback or the high country with our caravan, overtaking is safer and easier.

Torque before (NM): 430
Torque after (NM): 535

Power before (KW): 151
Power after (KW): 175

Ask us for test drive any time.

Reasons why DPChip?


Taipan XP ExhaustsThe hand built 3" mandrel exhaust system from TaipanXP can be supplied and fitted for most turbo diesel 4wd.

It complements the DPChip as a package and together they work hand in hand to provide with again more power and torque while also saving fuel.


Turbo upgrades are the next step if you are chasing even more power. Talk to us about you requirements.